All-in-One: Tutoring CRM | Live/VOD learning | AI analyses

Top 3 pros: Industry's lowest price, Pay-as-you-go, AI analyses

Media report: Soarogo case study by AWS(Amazon Web Service).

10+ year experience
online classes
I am a student
Take video, or live online classes
I am an institute/instructor
Provide a total online learning solution for students
Top 3 features
Cloud Videos
150Gb/sec traffic capacity with 99.9% uptime. The lowest cost with the most stability. No video lag, super easy uploading videos and materials!
Intelligent Analyses
Behavior data collection and analysis of watching video classes against students' grades to find out the learning hints for individuals.
Full Features
It's easy to upload videos but tough and complicated to manage massive ones. With 300+ features of managing videos, students, classes, lessons, tutors, roles, and permissions, one non-technical personnel can easily handle million level of organizations!
Why Soarogo?